Simple Valentine
Sewing Crafts for Kids

If you're looking for simple Valentine sewing crafts for kids, here's a really easy cross stitch design for Valentine's Day to get you started.

Valentine cross stitch project

It's great for beginners to cross stitch and I've included full instructions to get the stitching under way.

It's called 'Be Mine'.

You will need:

  • Binca or aida fabric
  • Knitting yarn or embroidery thread
  • Blunt embroidery needle
  • Scissors
  • Colouring pencil


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A Note about Fabric Size:

The example shown was stitched on 6-count binca fabric with knitting yarn.

For this you will need a minimum fabric size of approximately 20cm x 15cm (8 inches by 6 inches).

I have used only one colour of yarn for simplicity so this would make an ideal first cross stitch project but any combination of colours could be used.

The size of the fabric required will depend on the number of holes per inch of the fabric. The more holes per inch, the smaller the fabric can be but make sure you have plenty of fabric so that you don't run out of space!

Consider the end product when deciding on the fabric and size. The finished design could be mounted in a greetings card or in a frame or the edges simply trimmed to make a wall hanging or table mat.

Ok, let's start stitching!

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Make one cross stitch for every cross shown on the following chart:

The arrows indicate the centre of the design.

If you have not cross-stitched before, follow the basic stitching instructions below.

Start at the top left corner of the letter B of "Be Mine". Try not to run thread too far across the back of the fabric where no stitches will be worked to ensure that the thread does not show through to the front. This is especially important if you are working on a light-coloured fabric with a dark-coloured thread.

Mark off the squares on the chart with a colouring pencil as you complete each stitch so that you can see what you have done and what is left to do.

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Basic Cross Stitch:

  • Start by bringing the needle and thread up through the fabric at A, then go down through the fabric again at B, then back up at C and back down at D. Repeat across or down the fabric as required.

Front of fabric

  • Where two or more stitches are worked immediately next to each other, you will find that you may go up or down through a hole in the fabric up to four times.

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Fastening the ends of the thread:

  • At the beginning of a new length of thread, hold a short length at the back of the fabric where you are going to start sewing and fasten it in place with the first few stitches.
  • At the end of a piece of thread, run the end of the thread under the back of the last few stitches worked. It is best if you don't use knots at the back of your work as they may show through the fabric.

Back of fabric

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I hope you enjoy this simple Valentine sewing crafts for kids design.

Now that you've mastered the simple cross stitch, you'll be ready to try other designs and cross stitch kits.

Happy stitching!


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