Valentine Paper Crafts for Kids

Discover some simple and inexpensive step-by-step Valentine paper crafts for kids.

Welcome to Valentine Paper Crafts for Kids where you'll discover some simple and inexpensive step-by-step kids Valentine crafts which can be made using just basic craft materials that you'll probably have in your craft box already.

There's plenty of crafting fun to be found for Valentine's Day.

Why not make a unique handmade gift for someone special?

From bookmarks and notebooks to a teddy bear frieze, some sweet cones and a handmade gift bag, I'm sure you'll find a project to inspire your kids crafting at this special time.

So let's make a start!

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Valentine Paper Crafts for Kids - Project 1

You will need:

  • Thin card or fun foam in assorted colours
  • Foam or paper shapes or stickers
  • Pencil, ruler, scissors and glue
  • Felt-tip pens or colouring pencils
  • Rubber stamps and inkpad (optional)
  • Small paper punch (optional)


Here's how:

  1. For each bookmark, measure and cut a strip of card or foam approximately 23cm x 4cm.
  2. Decorate by sticking on foam or paper shapes or stickers. Use paper punches to create shapes from coloured paper if available.
  3. Alternatively, draw and colour your own designs onto white or light-coloured card or create designs with rubber stamps, if you have them, and then colour them in.

Valentine Paper Crafts for Kids - Helen's Handy Hints

In the picture above:

  • the bookmark on the left was decorated using foam stickers;
  • the example in the centre of the picture was created with a rubber stamp and then coloured in; and
  • the one on the right was made using a daisy design paper punch and a small heart-shaped punch.

There are endless possibilities for decorating these simple bookmarks. A great group activity.


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Valentine Paper Crafts for Kids - Project 2

You will need:

  • Small, budget-priced notepad (available from supermarkets etc)
  • Thin card
  • Embellishment(s) - eg foam or paper shape(s), sticker(s) or other suitable motif(s)
  • Pencil, ruler, scissors and glue or double-sided adhesive tape
  • Felt-tip pen(s)


Just follow these simple instructions to make this Valentine paper crafts for kids project:

  1. Measure the existing cover of your notepad, then cut a piece of thin card of the same width but approximately 3cm longer to make a new cover ready for decorating.
  2. Stick your new card cover over the original cover, folding the excess card length over the top/spine and sticking the edge into place at the back of the notepad. Now you have disguised the original cover and have a fresh cover to decorate.
  3. To decorate your notebook, cut a small piece of white card approximately 4cm square. Attach this to the front of the notepad and stick a sparkle foam heart on top. Cut a small rectangle from white card approximately 4cm x 2cm, add the word "Notes" as shown and stick into place below the heart motif. 

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Valentine Paper Crafts for Kids - Project 3
Teddy Bear Frieze

For this next Valentine Paper Crafts for Kids project you will need:

  • Thin red card or paper (or colour of your choice)
  • Pencil, scissors, ruler and eraser
  • Black felt-tip pen or pencil
  • Mini acrylic gemstones (optional)
  • Small foam or paper hearts
  • Glue or double-sided adhesive tape


Here's your step-by-step guide to making your teddy bear frieze:

  1. Cut a strip of red card approximately 30cm x 8cm.
  2. Fold into 5 sections so that you have a concertina of five 6cm x 8cm rectangles.
  3. On the top section, with a pencil, draw the outline of a teddy bear. Make sure that the teddy bear's paws touch the sides of the rectangles as shown.

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  1. Carefully cut around your teddy bear design, making sure that you do not cut through the folds in the card at the tips of all four of the teddy bear's paws, so that your bears stay joined together.
  2. Rub out any remaining pencil marks.
  3. Open out and colour or decorate the five teddy bears however you wish. Here are my suggestions:
    • stick on mini acrylic gemstones for their eyes;
    • attach a white foam or paper heart to the tummy of the teddy bear at each end of the frieze and decorate the heart with a mini acrylic gemstone star;
    • make a "Happy Valentine's Day" greeting in 3 sections and attach one of the words to each of the 3 bears in the middle of the frieze; and
    • draw on their mouths and paw and ear markings with a black felt-tip pen.
  4. Repeat to make a frieze of any length by joining the blocks together and display on a wall or door. Alternatively, make the frieze with just 5 bears as above, fold it up again and place it inside your Valentine's card as a special little surprise gift!

Valentine Paper Crafts for Kids
Variations on the Teddy Bear Frieze Project:

  1. Use longer strips of paper and make more folds to make more bears at a time but remember that the more layers you have, the more difficult it will be to cut out the shapes.
  2. Use larger paper to make larger rectangles and, therefore, larger teddy bears!
  3. Try making a heart frieze or a flower frieze too. There will be endless possibilities once you get started and you can decorate them as simply or as elaborately as you wish.
  4. Use some glitter glues or stickers to embellish your work too.

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Valentine Paper Crafts for Kids - Project 4
Valentine Treat Cones

You will need:

  • A4 or A5 paper in assorted colours - eg red, white or pink
  • Assorted foam or paper shapes
  • Scraps of paper in assorted colours (or gummed paper if available)
  • Scissors and double-sided adhesive tape or glue
  • Small paper punches - hearts, flowers etc (optional)


Just follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Take a sheet of coloured A4 or A5 paper and place double-sided tape or glue along one of the short edges.
  2. Roll the sheet up into a cone starting from the other short edge and stick the cone together when you reach the sticky edge.
  3. Decorate with foam or paper hearts or flowers shapes. (You can use ready cut shapes or stickers or punch them out from scraps of coloured paper or gummed paper.) Stick the shapes randomly onto the outside of the cone. It is also a good idea to stick one or two shapes to the inside top of the cone.
  4. Add extra details or a message with felt-tip pens or pencils.
  5. Fill your cones with Valentine sweet treats such as marshmallows in the large cones and smaller sweets in the smaller cones - Love Hearts perhaps?

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Valentine Paper Crafts for Kids - Project 5
Valentine Gift Bag

For our next Valentine paper crafts for kids project, let's make this paper gift bag in pink and white - or, of course, any colours you choose!


You will need:

  • Coloured paper or wrapping paper
  • Ribbon
  • Small piece of card (to make the gift tag)
  • Glue or double-sided adhesive tape
  • Heart shape paper punch (optional)
  • Decorations (optional)
  • Book to wrap around
  • Single hole punch


Here's how:

  1. Choose a book about the size you'd like your gift bag to be.
  2. Find a piece of paper large enough to wrap around the book. NB. The book I used needed a piece of paper approximately 24cm x 33cm to wrap it neatly. (You can easily cut this size from an A3 sheet of paper.)
  3. Fold over 2cm of paper all along one long edge. This will be the open top of the bag and simply neatens off the edge.
  4. Place the book onto the paper. Line up the top of the book with the top of the paper so that the 2cm you have folded over will be on the inside of the finished bag.
  5. Wrap the paper around the book, taking one of the short edges of the paper over to the middle of the book and then glue or tape the opposite edge of the paper on top to form a straight seam. This will be the back of the gift bag. Take care not to stick the paper to the book!
  6. Now close the bottom of the bag by folding the paper as you would wrap a present and stick the ends of the paper together with glue or tape.
  7. Carefully remove the book from the bag.
  8. Now carefully crease the 4 folds down the sides of the bag which have been left by the edges of the book.
  9. Then pinch the 2 creases at each side of the bag together to form a third fold into the side of the bag and fold up the bottom of the bag so that you have a flat base.
  10. Punch two holes in the top of the bag at the back and the front.
  11. Cut a small rectangular tag from a scrap of card. Punch a hole in one corner and, if you have a heart shape paper punch, punch out a heart from the corner diagonally opposite.
  12. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon to the length you need for the handles.
  13. Thread one piece of ribbon through the holes on the back of the bag and secure in place inside the top of the bag with glue or sticky tape.
  14. Thread the gift tag onto the second piece of ribbon and then thread the ribbon through the holes on the front of the bag and secure in place inside the top of the bag as before.
  15. Now you can decorate the bag if you wish or simply leave it plain.
  16. Add your special Valentine's gift and write a special message on the tag.


I hope you enjoy these Valentine paper crafts for kids.

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