Christmas Stocking Crafts for Kids

Make your own Christmas stocking crafts for kids with this step-by-step  Christmas craft project.

Christmas stocking project

Welcome to Christmas Stocking Crafts for Kids where you can follow my step-by-step instructions to make and decorate your own Christmas stocking ready for Christmas Eve!

Using just craft foam, some wool for stitching and a length of ribbon, it's so easy to do. So, let's get started!


You will need:

  • 2 large (30cm x 45cm) sheets of craft foam in your chosen colour

  • Large sheet of paper (minimum A3 size)

  • Scraps of craft foam and/or foam shapes

  • Knitting wool

  • Large-eyed sewing needle (Caution: Adult supervision and assistance required as the needle needs to be quite sharp to stitch through the foam)

  • Ribbon (approximately 25 to 30cm long)

  • Pencil, scissors and PVA glue

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Just follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Draw a stocking template onto the sheet of paper and cut it out.

  3. Using one sheet of foam at a time, temporarily attach the paper template to the foam (eg using sticky tape) and cut carefully around the template. Repeat with the second sheet.

  5. Put the two stocking pieces together (use sticky tape as a temporary measure) and carefully trim any edges that do not match exactly.

  7. Thread the sewing needle with a long length of knitting wool and sew the 2 stocking pieces together with a large running stitch, leaving the top open! Keep your stitches about 1cm in from the edge so you do not split the foam.

  9. Remove any remaining sticky tape.

  11. Cut a band of foam in a contrasting colour and glue this to the top of the front of the stocking as seen in the picture.

  13. Now decorate your stocking with pre-cut foam shapes or your own shapes cut from scraps of foam.

  15. Form the length of ribbon into a loop and glue the ends inside the top left-hand corner of the stocking. Set aside to allow the glue to dry.

  17. Hang your stocking up on Christmas Eve!


Christmas stocking project


Make a smaller stocking using a smaller template and smaller sheets of foam. You could even use small scraps of foam to make miniature stockings to hang on the tree.



Take care not to hang your Christmas stocking(s) near open fires, candles or other heat sources as the foam may ignite. 

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