Sport Crafts for Kids

Try these fun and simple to make sport crafts for kids.

Sporty kids can be creative kids too with my fun and simple to make sport crafts.

Why not get the football fans started on my Football Crazy card?

This is a simple design that can be adapted to depict the colours of the recipient's favourite team or simply change the shirt number to the one of their favourite player.

Great for boys and girls to make for their friends or for Dads, Uncles and Grandads. This project could also be used to make invitations for a football-themed party for a whole team!

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Football Crazy card

You will need:

  • Black A6 single-fold card (or colour of your choice)
  • Scraps of card or fun foam in red and white (or colours of your choice)
  • Football stickers (optional)
  • Pencil, ruler, scissors and glue or double-sided adhesive tape
  • Felt-tip pens
  • Envelope and paper insert

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Here's how..

  1. Cut a 7cm diameter circle from white card or fun foam and stick onto the front of the black A6 card.

  2. Cut a football shirt shape from red card or fun foam (or your favourite team's colour) and stick the shirt motif onto the circular mount.

  3. Add a number or name to the shirt using stickers or simply cut a number out of thin card or fun foam or write a name with felt-tip pens.

  4. Use football stickers to add extra decoration to the bottom of the card.

  5. Add a message to the front of the card if you wish.

  6. Cut a white paper insert, 20cm x 14cm, fold in half, attach to the inside of the card and add your special message.

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