Owl Crafts for Kids

A fun-to-do owl crafts for kids project. Let your kids make a picture of a wise old owl using scraps of fun foam.

owl crafts project

Try this fun-to-do owl crafts project.

This project is probably the most copied kids project on the internet, but this is the original version.

Make this picture of a wise old owl using scraps of fun foam.

Make him brightly coloured and eye-catching like mine or use more natural colours!

You will need:

  • Backing board
  • Assorted geometric foam shapes
  • Pencil, scissors and PVA glue 

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Here's how to make your owl picture...

  1. Draw a basic outline of an owl onto the backing board.

  2. Before you start sticking on any shapes, select the shapes you will need to create your owl and lay them out onto the outline on the board.

  3. Use foam triangles for the owl's feathers and 5 pairs of circles of decreasing sizes for the eyes. Cut out ears and a beak from scraps of foam.

  4. Once you have decided on the shapes to use, start sticking the shapes onto the backing board, beginning at the bottom of the picture.

  5. Layer up the triangles to form the overlapping feathers as shown.

  6. Make the eyes using circles of foam. Then add a beak and ears.

  7. Put to one side to allow the glue to dry. 
Foam Owl

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