Lion Crafts for Kids

Try these lion crafts and have fun.

Make a Lion Frieze

If you're looking for simple lion crafts for kids, try making my lion frieze from just a strip of thin card. Great for decorating their room!

lion frieze

You will need:

  • Thin card or paper
  • Pencil, scissors and ruler
  • Felt-tip pens or coloured pencils

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Here's how ...

  1. Cut a strip of paper or thin card approximately 24cm x 7cm.
  2. Fold into four sections so that you have a concertina of four 6cm x 7cm rectangles.
  3. On the top section, draw a lion as shown. Make sure that the lion's body touches the left and right-hand edges of the rectangle.

Make a Lion Frieze

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  1. Cut around your lion design, making sure you leave a piece uncut at each side, so that your lions stay joined together.
  2. Open out and colour or decorate the four lions however you wish.

Lion Frieze
  1. Repeat to make a frieze of any length by joining the blocks together, and display on a wall.


Use longer strips of paper and make more folds to make more lions at a time.

Use larger paper to make larger rectangles and, therefore, larger lions!

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Make an Elephant Frieze

Or why not try making an elephant frieze in the same way?

Take a look at the pictures below as a guide:

Make an Elephant Frieze
Elephant Frieze

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