Kids Paper Crafts
for Followers of Fashion!

Kids paper crafts for fashion-conscious youngsters. Have a go at making my clothes line and handbag cards.

Combine their love for fashion with my kids paper crafts for fashion-conscious youngsters.

Have a go at making my clothes line and handbag cards. They're great for best friends, mums, aunties and grandmas too. Just use their favourite colours and add some sparkle!




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Clothes Line Card

Let's start with the Clothes Line Card:

You will need:

  • Thin card and paper in assorted colours
  • Mini clothes pegs, sequins or jewels and wool
  • PVA glue
  • Sticky tape
  • Pencil, ruler, scissors and felt-tip pens or coloured pencils
  • Glitter glue (optional)
  • Envelope


Here's how:

  1. Fold a piece of coloured card in half to form your basic card.

  3. Cut a length of wool or thin cord about twice the width of your card and attach the two ends to the inside of the front of the card with sticky tape so that you have a clothes line across the top third of your card as shown.

  5. Using thick paper or thin card, draw and cut out basic shapes for 3 items of clothing - trousers, t-shirt and a skirt are quite easy to do.

  7. Decorate the clothes by sticking on sparkly sequins or mini jewels or draw on details with felt-tip pens, pencils or glitter glues.

  9. Attach your clothes to the washing line with decorative mini pegs as shown. Glue the pegs in place if necessary.

  11. Now add a special message inside.


Clothes Line Card




Handbag Card

Now let's try making my Handbag Card:

You will need:

  • Thin A5 size card (210mm x 148mm)
  • Decorations - eg foam flower or butterfly shapes, stickers or other suitable motifs
  • Hook and loop fastening (eg Velcro)
  • Ribbon or cord
  • C6 Size envelope*
  • Pencil, ruler, scissors and glue or double-sided adhesive tape


Just follow these simple step-by-step instructions to make this slightly unusual but pretty little handbag greeting card:

  1. Lay the sheet of A5 card horizontally in front of you and mark 3 points along the top and bottom edges (ie the longer sides) at 5.25cm, 7.25cm and 15.75cm from the left-hand edge and score and fold the card at these three points.

  3. You have now made your basic handbag shape (ie the largest section forms the back of the bag, the smallest section is the base and the other two sections fold to meet each other at the front - see picture of end view below).

  5. Take a small piece of hook and loop fastening and stick one half centrally to the inside of the top flap (near the bottom) and the other half centrally to the outside of the bottom flap (near the top) so that the two pieces stick together when the card is closed.

  7. Now decorate the handbag with foam shapes or stickers or other motifs of your choice, as simply or as elaborately as you wish.

  9. To make the handle, cut a length of ribbon or cord approximately 32cm long and stick the ends neatly to the inside of the top of the bag with glue or double-sided tape.

  11. Add your own special message inside.


Handbag Card
Handbag Card

*If you want to put this card into an envelope, you will need to open the hook and loop fastening and keep the card folded flat.


Helen's Top Tip:

Don't forget when giving a handmade greetings card, you can also decorate the envelope to make it extra-special.



I hope you enjoyed these kids paper crafts. Look out for more kids paper crafts projects throughout the site.



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