Insect Crafts for Kids

Here are some fun insect crafts for kids projects to make.

Let's make a set of picture dominoes, a ladybird pencil topper, pom pom bugs and more, with my insect crafts for kids.

Bugs and Butterflies Picture Dominoes Set

First, let me show you how to make your own Bugs and Butterflies Picture Dominoes Set and then I'll also explain how to play the game.

You will need:

  • White card
  • 56 Assorted paper or foam shapes (8 each of 7 designs - see picture below)
  • Pencil, ruler, scissors and glue

Here's how to make the dominoes:

  1. Cut 28 card rectangles approximately 10cm x 5cm.
  2. Draw a line down the centre of each card so that it is divided into two 5cm squares.
  3. Glue on foam or paper shapes to make a set of dominoes.
  4. Follow the picture below so that you have enough different dominoes for a successful game.

Bugs and Butterflies Picture Dominoes

Here's how to play picture dominoes (2 or more players):

The winner will be the first player to run out of dominoes.

  1. Place the dominoes face down and take 7 dominoes each. Make sure the other player(s) cannot see which dominoes you have.
  2. Keep the rest of the dominoes face down in the middle of the table.
  3. Turn over one domino from the centre and leave face up in the middle of the table.
  4. The first player then chooses a domino with a matching picture and places it face up next to the first domino on the table to start a chain.
  5. The next player can then add one other domino to either end of the chain, matching a picture to one already in place.
  6. If a player cannot match a picture, he or she must pick up another domino from the centre of the table and miss a go.
  7. The game continues in this way, with each player taking a turn, until one player has placed all of his or her dominoes.





Bugs and Insects Pencil Toppers

Now, continuing on our theme of insect crafts for kids, let's make someBugs and Insects Pencil Toppers.

You will need:

  • Scraps of card or funky foam
  • Assorted foam shapes, wiggle eyes or other decorations
  • Chenille stems
  • Pompoms
  • PVA glue
  • Pencil, scissors and felt-tip pens


Here's how to make a Ladybird Pencil Topper:

  1. Cut 2 circles of red foam or card approximately 6cm in diameter and a smaller black circle for the head and glue the red circles together around the edge, sandwiching the black circle between the red circles and leaving a gap opposite the head to insert the pencil.
  2. Stick on smaller black circles for the ladybird's spots. You could also add wiggle eyes.
  3. Set aside to allow the glue to dry before placing on top of a pencil or pen.


Ladybird Pencil Topper

Helen's Top Tip:

Hold the circles together with clothes pegs whilst the glue dries, then remove.




Pom Pom Bug Pencil Topper

And now let's make a Pom Pom Bug Pencil Topper:

Here's how....

  1. Wind a length of chenille stem around the top half to one third of a pencil, leaving approximately 2cm of the stem extending past the top.
  2. Glue a small pompom onto the top of the chenille stem to cover the sharp end.
  3. Stick on smaller pompoms or card or foam pieces to make the bug's face and tail.
  4. Set aside to allow the glue to dry.


Pom Pom Bug Pencil Topper




Pom Pom Creatures!

Ready for more insect crafts for kids?

Then let's make some Pom Pom Creatures!

You will need:

  • Pompoms in assorted colours and sizes
  • Scraps of thin coloured card or foam
  • PVA glue
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Scissors and felt-tip pens


First there's a ladybird....

Pom Pom Ladybird

  1. Take a large red pom pom for the ladybird's body and attach a smaller black pom pom for the head.
  2. Add really small black pom poms or foam or paper circles to the ladybird's body to form its spots.
  3. Then add wiggle eyes to finish.





Pom Pom Caterpillar

Next try making a pom pom caterpillar:


Pom Pom Caterpillar

  1. Take at least five poms poms (all the same size but in assorted colours if you wish) and stick them together in a line to make your basic caterpillar.
  2. Add smaller pom poms for his eyes and on his back to decorate (or use wiggle eyes, if you have them).





I hope you enjoy my insect crafts for kids!

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