Indoor Crafts for Kids

Have great fun making and playing these indoor crafts for kids.

Jigsaw Puzzle

If you're looking for indoor crafts for kids that will not only keep them busy whilst they're crafting but will also allow them to produce something to play with afterwards, then let's start by making a Jigsaw Puzzle using a print of a photograph of them enjoying their favourite sport or simply having fun.


You will need:

  • Thin card
  • Photograph or picture cut from an old magazine
  • Scissors, pencil, ruler and glue


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Just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Glue the picture onto the thin card to give it extra thickness, then trim around the edge of the picture to get rid of any excess card.

  3. Turn the picture over and, using a pencil and ruler, mark the card into a random grid of geometric shapes. Don't make the shapes too small or complex, unless you want a very challenging puzzle at the end!

  5. Cut along the lines you have marked.

  7. Now you have your own jigsaw puzzle and are ready to reassemble the picture.


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Noughts and Crosses

Now let's try making an old-fashioned Noughts and Crosses set so that, when they've finished, they can play the game over and over again.

You will need:

  • Thin card in 3 colours
  • Pencil, scissors and a ruler
  • Pair of compasses or circular object to draw round

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Here's how:

  1. To make the grid, cut 4 strips of card in one colour approximately 2cm x 30cm.

  3. Cut 5 crosses from 5 pieces of card in a second colour, approximately 7cm square, as shown:


  1. Cut 5 circles, approximately 7cm diameter, from a different coloured card.


Now you're ready to play:

  1. Lay out the strips to form a grid of 9 squares.

  3. Ask a friend to play the game with you. Take turns to place your noughts or crosses on the grid. The first person to get 3 in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins.


Helen's Top Tip:

For something a little different, instead of making noughts and crosses, use paper or foam shapes - eg flowers and butterflies, squares and triangles, moons and stars etc. 

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