Home Decor Ideas
for Kids to Make

Try my home decor ideas for kids and encourage the children to display their craft work around the home!.

Try my home decor ideas for kids and encourage the children to display their craft work around the home!

Foam Mirror Frame

The foam mirror frame is ideal as a room accessory - just choose suitable colours to co-ordinate with your decor and decorate it with motifs of your favourite things. Make it any size you want. I have kept this example really simple but you can make it as elaborate as you like!

Having a sleepover? Then make my little nameplates to show friends where they'll be sleeping.

Or try your hand at glasspainting. This would be an ideal sleepover activity as you'll have plenty of time overnight for the paint to dry.

Let's start with our first home decor project, the Foam Mirror Frame:

You will need:

  • Stiff cardboard (eg greyboard)
  • Foam sheets and assorted foam shapes
  • Small mirror
  • Ribbon or self-adhesive acetate hanger
  • PVA glue
  • Pencil, scissors or craft knife (adult assistance will be required with cutting the backing board and frame apertures, particularly if a craft knife is used)


Here's how to make your Mirror Frame:

  1. Ask an adult to help cut the backing board and frames.

  3. Cut the stiff cardboard to the size required for the backing board of your mirror frame. See suggested sizes below.

  5. Glue the mirror securely to the centre of the backing board.

Foam Mirror Frame construction



  1. Cut a frame from the foam sheet with an aperture which fits snugly around the mirror and glue in place.

  3. Cut a second foam frame with a slightly smaller aperture and glue on top of the first foam frame to add extra depth and to just cover the edge of the mirror for a neat finish.

  5. Stick foam shapes or other embellishments around the frame to decorate as required.

  7. If you wish to hang the mirror, attach a piece of ribbon securely to the backing board or use a self-adhesive acetate hanger.


Foam Mirror Frame

Suggested cutting sizes for a small 3.75cm x 5.5cm mirror:

  • Backing board - 9cm x 11cm

  • Foam frames - 9cm x 11cm, one with an aperture of 3.75cm x 5.5cm and the second with an aperture of 3.5cm x 5cm.






Continuing with our home decor theme, these little Nameplates are so simple to make:


You will need:

  • Scraps of thick card for the backing board (eg greyboard)
  • Scraps of thin coloured card
  • PVA glue
  • Foam or paper shapes, if available
  • Pencil, scissors, ruler and felt-tip pens


Here's how:

  1. Cut a piece of backing board, approximately 12cm x 4cm.

  2. Cut a piece of coloured card the same size and glue onto the backing board to cover.

  3. Cut another piece of thin card in a contrasting colour and slightly smaller than the first piece.

  4. Glue centrally on top of the first piece.

  5. Write a name onto the nameplate and add a few simple decorations around the edge either with felt-tip pens or by sticking on foam or paper shapes.






Glass Painting

For our third kids home decor project, let's have a go at some simple (plastic) Glass Painting.

When we first tried this, we found that creating your own designs with black outliner paint and then filling in your artwork was quite difficult for beginners.

It's also quite difficult if you're not particularly artistic. But it can be made much easier if you use peel-off outline stickers and then just paint within the outlines as explained below!

You'll be amazed how little paint you need too.

You will need:

  • Clear plastic plate, suncatcher or similar
  • Glass paints
  • Fine paint brush
  • Peel off outline stickers


Let's get started:

  1. Make sure the surface of the object you are going to decorate is clean and dry.

  3. Create an outline design by sticking a selection of peel off stickers of your choice onto the object.

  5. Using the glass paints very sparingly, carefully fill in between the outlines with the brush. A little paint goes a long way! Wipe the brush on a tissue when changing colours.

  7. When you have completed your design, leave your work to dry, wash the brush in warm water and close your paints securely.

  9. Once dry, display your work near a window, so that the sunlight will pass through it and create a beautiful effect.


Glass Painting

Helen's Top Tips:

  • Objects such as plates and frames are much easier to decorate than tumblers, bottles and jars as they can be kept flat until they are dry, so your paint is less likely to run and spoil the design.

  • Peel off stickers provide a quick, easy and effective way of creating the outline of your design. However, with your glass paints you may have a liquid outliner which you can use to create freehand designs. Squeeze the outliner straight from the bottle or tube onto your project to create your design. Set aside to dry before filling in with your glass paints.


I hope you and your children enjoy my home decor ideas and are able to create some of your own unique and beautiful things to display in your home.


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