Foam Covered Notebook

Creative memories can be recorded when you make my foam-covered notebook or album.

foam-covered notebook

Your memories can be recorded here when you make my foam-covered notebook or album and use it to remember a special family day out or holiday or a fun day spent with friends.

Tell a story, add some pictures or little mementoes, decorate the cover in any way you like (perhaps to reflect the contents of your book or album) and this could be a first scrapbook project.

A great project for the whole family to share.

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You will need:

  • Sheet of fun foam
  • Paper
  • Assorted foam shapes
  • Wool, string or ribbon
  • PVA glue
  • Hole punch
  • Pencil and scissors 

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Let's get started ...

  1. Take a few loose sheets of paper and punch a series of holes along one edge, about 3cm apart. (eg Use plain or lined paper if you're making a notebook or sugar paper if you're making an album or scrapbook.)

  3. To make the notebook or album cover, cut 2 pieces of foam slightly larger than the sheets of paper.

  5. Place the paper on top of one piece of foam, lining up the edges which will form the spine and centreing the paper between the top and bottom of the foam. Mark through the holes in the paper onto the foam to show where you will need to punch holes in the foam and punch through the foam with a single hole punch. Repeat for the second piece of foam.

  7. Place the 2 pieces of foam and the paper together in a 'sandwich' and thread a long piece of ribbon, string or wool up and down through the holes starting and finishing at the same end, ie so that you go through each hole twice.

  9. Punch a hole through a large foam heart and thread onto the ribbon to decorate.

  11. Tie the ends of the ribbon into a double bow to secure. Trim off any excess ribbon.

  13. Stick on assorted foam shapes or other decorations to personalise your book.

  15. Put to one side to allow the glue to dry.


Foam Covered Notebook

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