Embroidered Felt Heart

Make this children's felt craft project. A red and white felt heart embroidered with simple stitches.

red and white felt heart project

You will need:

  • Red and white felt – one piece of each, approximately 15cm (6”) square
  • Red and white stranded embroidery thread
  • White ribbon approximately 17.5cm (7”) long and 1cm (0.5”) wide
  • Toy Stuffing
  • Sewing Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

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  1. Draw and cut out 2 heart shapes from the felt - one red, one white.

  2. Using 2 strands of red thread on the white heart and 2 strands of white thread on the red heart, embroider each heart with running stitches about 1.25cm (0.5”) in from the edge and down the centre as seen in the picture.

  3. Add star motifs embroidered with long stitches as seen in the picture.

  4. With the right sides outside, blanket stitch the two hearts together around the edges with 2 strands of white thread, leaving an opening at the top to allow for filling.

  5. Fill with toy stuffing.

  6. Make a hanging loop with the ribbon and insert the open ends inside the centre top of the heart. Hold or pin in place while you continue sewing until the opening is completely stitched together.

Felt Heart
Felt Heart

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