Family Crafts

Bring family crafts to life with this fabulous life-size image of yourself.

Bring your family to life ...

Create a life-size image of yourself, then get your family and friends to join in too and create a family group!

You will need:

  • Large piece of paper, eg from a roll of plain packing or wrapping paper or use the reverse side of some spare wallpaper
  • Felt-tip pens/markers, pencils, crayons or kids' paints
  • Coloured paper, scraps of fabric, buttons, scissors and PVA glue (optional)

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Create your own image, here's how:

  1. Lay down flat and still on the piece of paper and get someone to draw carefully round you with a pencil or marker pen. Be careful not to mark your clothes.

  3. Now bring the outline shape of your body to life by using pens or paints to add facial features and expressions.

  5. Next, draw or paint on clothes and shoes or take more time cutting out clothes shapes from coloured paper, card or fabric scraps and sticking these in place. You could also add some old buttons if you have them.

  7. Set aside for the glue or paint to dry where necessary, then hang your life-size picture up for all to see.

  9. Get your brothers or sisters, friends or even Mum, Dad, Grandma or Grandad to create life-size pictures of themselves too and put together a family group.

  11. Do this project again in a year's time and see how you've grown!

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