Family Crafts for Kids

Create a selection of easy and fun family crafts for kids to celebrate family and friends.

Fun family crafts

lolly stick tidy box

Crafting is great fun to do as a family or with friends and it's a great idea to make something that can be used to decorate the family home.

And what better way to celebrate family and friends than to give a gift that you've made yourself?

Here's a selection of my family crafts for kids that you might like to do at home with your children, or that they might like to do with their best friends.

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Life-size image

For something a little different, get your child to create a life-size image of him or herself and see family crafts for kids really brought to life!

You could create a whole family of life-size pictures, just one or two of you or a group of best friends. 

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Best friends card

Best friends card

Speaking of best friends, try making my best friends card.

I used shrink plastic motifs which are so much fun to colour, cut out and shrink down in the oven.

If you're making this card for a friend's birthday, use their favourite colours to create the card and they'll treasure it for a long time. 

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Bookmark, notepaper and pencil holder

pencil holder project
make a bookmark

Create a handmade gift for someone special to treasure.

Useful gifts are the best.

Both the 'bookmark' bookmark and my notepaper and pencil holder are very inexpensive to make. Whilst the bookmark is quick to make, the notepaper and pencil holder will take a bit more time and patience!

By choosing appropriately patterned paper for the notepaper holder, this project can be made as a gift for any family member or friend and will be put to good use on a desk or by the telephone to make sure that there's never a shortage of pens or paper to write down that important message! 

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Lolly Stick Tidy Box

Lolly Stick Tidy Box

This is a very useful project. A lolly stick tidy box.

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Nameplates and Glass Painting

Nameplates project

Having a sleepover? Then make my little nameplates to show friends where they'll be sleeping.

Or try your hand at glasspainting.

This would be an ideal sleepover activity as you'll have plenty of time overnight for the paint to dry.

When we first tried this, we found that creating your own designs with black outliner paint and then filling in your artwork is quite difficult for beginners to this art.

It's also quite difficult if you're not particularly artistic. But it can be made much easier if you use peel-off outline stickers and then just paint within the outlines!

You'll be amazed how little paint you'll need too. In this case, a little cheating never hurt anyone! 

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Doyley-framed picture

Doyley-framed picture project

And finally for now, try making my doyley-framed picture. Keep it just as a picture to display in your room or use this idea to decorate the cover of a notebook or a greetings card.

As a gift or card for a friend or family member, make it special by choosing a picture which is special or unique to them.

I hope you enjoy doing some of my family crafts for kids - it's a great way to bring family and friends together.

Happy crafting!


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