Christmas Ornament Crafts
for Kids

Try my Christmas ornament crafts for kids and recycle your old Christmas cards to create some pretty Christmas baubles.

Christmas baubles

Christmas baubles project

Recycle your old Christmas cards - by using them in my Christmas ornament crafts for your kids!

You and the children can easily create some pretty Christmas baubles to decorate your home this Christmas using just some old Christmas cards and some ribbon.

Let me show you how...

You will need:

  • Old Christmas cards
  • Pencil, scissors, ruler, pair of compasses, glue or double-sided tape
  • Ribbon or thread

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Just follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Cut eight circles from old Christmas cards. Circles of about 7cm in diameter are a good size for this project. For best effect, try to use cards with images that fit entirely inside the circular size you choose.

  3. With the picture side upwards, score an equilateral triangle centrally on each circle and fold forward along the lines to create 3 flaps, ie the design is now 'framed' by the flaps. Score 4 circles with a triangle this way up (for the top half of your decoration):

and 4 with the triangle this way up (for the bottom half of your decoration):

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so that all your images will be upright when you assemble the decoration.


  1. Assemble the top half of the decoration first by attaching the right-hand flap of one section to the left-hand flap of another section until you have joined the 4 top sections together.

  3. Take a length of ribbon or thread (approximately 15cm long or the length you require)and insert the 2 cut ends through the centre of the 4 top pieces and secure both ends inside the top half of the decoration with sticky tape. You have now made a hanging loop for your decoration.

  5. Now take the remaining 4 circles (for the bottom half) with flaps already folded, and complete your decoration. Attach the top flap of each bottom section to the bottom flap of each top section and then join the pieces together going round the decoration as before.

  7. Your decoration is now ready to hang up.

Christmas baubles project


Take care not to hang your Christmas decorations near open fires, candles or other heat sources as they could ignite.



You can make a smaller decoration by using only 6 circles. Why not experiment with other even numbers of circles? 

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