Birthday Cardmaking for Kids

Try my birthday cardmaking for kids with a colourful bouquet of flowers card or an unusual concertina greeting card.

Make Your Own Greeting Cards

bouquet of flowers card making project

It's a great idea to get the children started on my birthday cardmaking for kids projects because when someone receives a special handmade card for their Birthday, they're sure to treasure it long after their Birthday is over.

Let them make a beautiful bouquet of flowers birthday card or the more unusual concertina card by following my step-by-step instructions below.

So what are you waiting for ...?

Let's get going on birthday cardmaking for kids straight away!

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Bouquet of Flowers Card

For the Bouquet of Flowers Card you will need:

  • Thin card and paper in assorted colours - white, red, yellow, green etc
  • PVA glue, glue stick or double-sided adhesive tape
  • Pencil, ruler, scissors and felt-tip pens or coloured pencils
  • Envelope - C6 size
  • Paper punch - daisy (approximately 2.5cm diameter)
  • Paper punch - very small flower (approximately 0.75cm diameter - optional)
  • Mini 3-D double-sided adhesive foam pads
  • Small foam or paper heart or ribbon bow

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  1. Take an A5 piece of white card and score and fold in half to form a basic A6 card blank.

  3. Cut about 9 thin strips of green paper of varying lengths up to approximately 10cm for the flower stems. It is best to cut them slightly longer than you need as you can trim off the ends later.

  5. From paper, punch out about 15 of the larger flower shapes and some of the smaller flower shapes for the centres. (I have used a daisy punch with a 2.5cm diameter for the larger flowers and a very small flower punch about 0.75cm diameter for the centres). If you don't have a small flower punch, small paper circles will do - try using the waste from an ordinary hole punch.

  7. Place the stems down onto your card one at a time (at varying angles to form the bouquet) and stick into place by attaching a large flower at the top of the stem. Do this with about 9 of the large flowers until you are happy with the shape of your bouquet. Make sure that the tops of the stems are hidden by the flowers.

  9. Then, to add interest, attach a small flower or paper circle to the centre of some of the large flowers already on the card.

  11. If you have some mini 3-D double-sided adhesive foam pads, you can add some extra dimension to your bouquet by attaching another layer of about 7 large flowers over the top of your original design. I have added small flowers to the centre of each of these flowers for extra detail too.

  13. Write an appropriate greeting on a piece of white card or paper, mount onto a piece of coloured card or paper if required, then stick at an angle close to the flower stems to look like a tag attached to the bouquet.

  15. Stick a small foam or paper heart or ribbon bow over the stems and the corner of the tag as shown.

  17. Trim off the ends of the stems as necessary, making them different lengths if required.

  19. Cut a white paper insert approximately 13.5cm x 20cm, fold in half and attach to the inside of your card with glue or tape.

  21. Add your own special message inside your bouquet of flowers birthday card and any other decorations as required. 
Bouquet of Flowers Card

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Concertina Card

Concertina card making project

If you enjoyed my first birthday cardmaking for kids project, now try making my Concertina Card.

It's slightly more unusual - simple but very effective!

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You will need:

  • Sheet of thin card - A4 size
  • Alphabet foam stickers
  • Other embellishments - eg self-adhesive foam shapes, stickers or other suitable motifs
  • Pencil, ruler, scissors and glue or double-sided adhesive tape, unless all your decorations are self-adhesive
  • Slim envelope

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Here's how to create your concertina card:

  1. Take a sheet of thin A4-size card and cut a 1.7cm strip off one of the short sides, leaving a 28cm x 21cm rectangle.

  3. Lay the card horizontally in front of you and, starting from one of the short sides, mark and score the card at the following intervals: 5cm, 10cm, 14cm, 18cm, 21cm, 24cm and 26cm.

  5. Fold the card in concertina fashion along each of the score lines. Stand your card up with the tallest section at the back and you should have a card with four 'tiers' or 'steps' as seen in the picture.

  7. Now you are ready to decorate the card however you wish to suit the occasion. I have used alphabet foam stickers to spell out 'Happy Birthday' and then added a selection of foam stickers, including mini flowers, hearts and a sparkle teddy bear.

  9. Add your special message on the back.
Concertina Card

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Helen's Top Tip:

Don't forget to decorate the envelopes as well to make your birthday cardmaking for kids extra-special.

I hope you enjoy my birthday cardmaking for kids projects. Look out for more cardmaking ideas throughout the site!

Happy crafting!

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